Life Unlimited with Larry Heller, CFP(R)

Episode 38 -  Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Tickets in New York — with Guest Michael Block

February 27, 2019

What should you do if you get a speeding ticket in New York? Ever wonder how to use your GPS device without getting a ticket? These are some of the big questions Larry Heller answers today with the help of his guest, Michael Block, traffic ticket attorney. Michael explains how to avoid getting ticketed (with a special focus on the all-too-common cell phone tickets), actions to take if you do get ticketed, and what actually happens if the police officer doesn’t show up to court for your traffic trial.

In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • What’s likely to happen after you accumulate 11 points
  • What to consider when deciding if you’ll represent yourself in court
  • The hidden costs of getting a ticket: Insurance increases and driver assessments
  • What is considered to be “improper use of a cell phone” while driving
  • How to use your GPS device without getting a ticket
  • And more!

Tune in now and learn everything you need to know about getting traffic tickets in NY!

Resources:  Heller Wealth Management | Michael Block: Traffic Ticket Attorney

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